Can we leave please….


Waiting at Pretoria bus station for interface 

Leaving SA for Botswana was a challenge, believe it or not….the immigration official actually did not want me to leave….didn’t mind sharki3 leaving but me on my UK passport had to have my permanent residence certificate on me…the actual one that cannot be replaced if I lose or damage, fortunately I had a certified copy in my backpack on the bus which sharki3 was allowed to fetch for me while I waited in detention (slight exaggeration, but adds to the story 😜) great to know that SA has some of the most effective and efficient officials in home affairs! Common sense is in abundance in some of the practices….

Finally we crossed after a 6 hour bus ride from Pretoria we crossed into Botswana for a short 20mins drive to our drop off near to hotel in Gaborone….. 

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  1. How was the bus ride guys?


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