Black Dawg on the Town

After he spent all day in the room, because I forgot him, I thought it a nice gesture to take BD out on the town. Well actually only to the railway mall, which is behind the hotel and the downstairs casino bar. The mall was sort of open air and could have been anywhere in Cape Town, sporting our favorite stores like, Edgars, MrP, Clicks, Debonairs, etc.

A local we met in the casino said that Gabs is like South Africa so we should move on and see the towns of Maun and Kasane. So that’s what we are gonna do!

Anyway, BD had a grand old time sitting on the bar counter watching folks gamble their earnings away. And having his first sip of wine… He is only missing his posse at home a little bit.

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  1. BD looks a bit like a slap tiger 🐯😜


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