To pack or not to pack…

Packing for holidays is a breeze and I’m generally the lightest on the luggage, but this was extreme. Two years supply of clothes and whatnots all in one 40 liter backpack. The things I normally considered essential, eg. high heels,  didn’t even feature on the top 20. What did get onto the list is this nifty little device made  for women to pee with. Yes, I did try it out and it works like a bomb except I don’t know how to shake. 😜


My best five tips for packing when going on an any trip is:

1. Take out everything you want to pack then remove half. Once you get over only having half, then you half it again. Now you are close😜

2. Toiletries can be essentials for a week, max two weeks. But make sure you will have access to top it up.

3. My lucky number is 3 of all essential items. Eg. 3 tshirts, 3 vests, etc.

4. Pack undies/small items in ankle stockings to keep then together

5. If it’s too heavy to carry, you don’t need it!

Do not get friends to help you pack, they hold you back with talk of emergency high heels and wedges 😉.

I rolled all my goodies in small rolls and packed them standing up. Smaller rolls means easier access and better for squeezing into tiny spaces. Use hair elastics to secure your rolls, it keeps them tight and you know where those elusive elastics are when you need them.



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  1. Hi you. Did not get a chance to say goodbye, have a safe journey and enjoy the shit of it.


  2. This was as hilarious as it was informative. Now the visuals of shaking will haunt me for a while. Cpt is already missing you. Mwah! Let the games begin


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