Leaving is such sweet sorrow

It’s just fitting that I start blogging on our last day on home soil. This shit just got real! When we sold the car, it hit me like a ton of bricks. We are packing up and leaving… Hello!!!!!
And as a final send off and up yours to me, I dropped my hairdryer while drying my hair and that was that! Resourceful girl that I am, I finished off the hair anyway and it looked fine. I think. Well, I’m not gonna be anywhere close to a hair dryer over the next three months so I have to get over that.
The hardest part of leaving is always saying goodbye and it was a tearful one! There was an awful empty feeling on the pit of my stomach and when my friends turned up out of the blue to send us off I knew my composure was shot to hell!
Who cried the most, I won’t say. It was just a bit emotional for all of us.

Many things will come to pass before we see each other again and hopefully all in one piece with most of our sanity in check.

A big shout out to Estelle and Salomon for hosting us on our last night in Pretoria before the Groot Trek. What can I say, the stew was divine, the company great and the toilet paper dodgy😜


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