Countdown T minus one


Enough for one day…….Just checking through our master list of todos within wunderlist (our preferred todo application) I note that we have completed 59 out of 62 action items specifically for our exploration. Ontop of that all the home, business, personal, financial tasks that have been completed is more than 130 todos.

So with our takeoff day looming only a handful of small tasks at home that need to be completed in the morning before our noon day departure.

Checked in for our flight today, Cape Town to Joburg

Sold our car this afternoon

We made it through a series of amazingly pathetic customer service from both FNB and Telkom, with above average service from Mweb…its a good job we are patient people 🙂

Final packing of back packs, squeezed in every space and I learned about how to pack and make my luggage like grains of sand so they basically fall into small crevices within the backpack, layer upon layer…clever wife that one! We rolled garments specific widths, and thickness so bundle sizes 🙂 kept reasonably standard and wrapped with cloth in thin flight socks. This technique maximizes the density of the bag and allows for small crevices for those smaller items that maybe need some protection from the bumping around.


Some last minute visitors around to see us off….

Enough for now as my bed beckons…..see you on takeoff day……..zzzzzzzz




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  1. Wow…Well done! 1.You are two brave souls 2. First Mission has really been accomplished! Kudos to you two 🙌🏼


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