A daily lesson in spanish, yoga, meditation and smiles

Auntie & niece

Sharki3 has family in the quiet town of Montrose in the North East of Scotland, where Lynne, Douglas and their daughter Emily hosted us for a few days.


Emily had school during the daytime, but this did not prevent her from attending yoga lessons with me every day, outside on the deck and also Spanish lessons with Sharki3, voluntarily, infact, she was chasing us to make sure these activities were going to happen.

someone is going to be exhausted, guess which one

I have never seen anyone talk continuously while learning how to breathe through their nose, another first for me!

braai south african style

braai champions

Whether we were at the park, the seafront, climbing hills, school sports day or watching her appearance at the local school play she was full of energy from dawn to dusk, exploring and pushing the boundaries of everything new.


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