Book of the dead, an incantation and the odd artifact, here and there

Book of the Dead

Standing in front of scripts from the Book of the Dead with its incantations written and drawn on ancient papyrus paper for the length of this thirty-metre room was quite astonishing. Following the decryption, explaining the magical powers that the ancient Egyptians believed in, had me wondering in astonishment about the dedication to the written language in the form of hieroglyphics this culture had and our ability to translate into modern language, via tools like the Rosetta Stone.

We just thought it was going to be an interesting museum to visit and it not being of Italian history, well let’s just go in open minded…..I could not believe what was unfolding before my eyes during the few hours we spent in this amazing museum, probably, the largest outside of Egypt.

Pyramid cap

The effigies, stories, documents, pictures, tombs, mummy’s, sarcophaguses (plural I think) and the number of rooms and floors just seemed like we were in some pyramid maze.


Ernesto Schiaparelli was the Italian Egyptologist and mastermind behind this museum, establishing it after his many visits on archeological digs more than a century ago, back when logistics challenges in moving such artifacts were truly amazing.

BlackDawg riding the Sphinx

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