The sun also rises in Pamplona

Pamplona, the city of the bull run, nestled only 1 hour from San Sebastian in the Navarra Region, has this amazing citadel complex on the outside of the old city walls. Built in the 15th century it housed the soldiers protecting the city and looking from our view point you could see how this pentagon-shaped construction would have confused attackers and also allowed the soldiers to trap them in a well thought out design that attempts to filter and narrow people to specific points. Confusion tactics supreme!



Within the walled city, walking the cobbled streets, it’s amazing to be where the bulls actually run, jostling and sometimes tossing people into the air as they navigate the crazy 90 degree turns at full speed in these narrow pathways.

bull ring

the great man Hemingway

The great Ernest Hemingway visited Pamplona many times and loved to write here and also about this region – I think Fiesta is based on Pamplona – anyhow, the statue of the brilliant author gives an idea how revered he is and the main plaza with cafes and restaurants abundant in their claim that he either stayed, drank, wrote there or visited them.

complexed citadel

Our stay just a kilometre outside of the city walls gave us ample opportunity to explore the new and the old city and the deluge of university students in the area where we stayed made for a perfect budget trip from where to explore Pamplona.

1 euro beer

spot the one who talks bull


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