Would you Adam and Eve it, lawd above! welcome ter the Smoke an’ cockney, innit

bring it on

If you understand the title of the post, then you know you have found us in London for a brief visit, making use of my proficient English Cockney Language skills, just so as to blend in with the locals.

peace girls

So here goes with a bit more cockney, discovering another bit of fun when in Old London Town…..

London Calling?

Gawdon Bennet! Stayin’ between Taaahr Bridge an’ da Millennium Bridge on da sowf side ov da Shake an’ Shiver Thames we was perfectly located fer aaahr weekend in da Capital, dis time mawer overland walkin’ around by da Thames van on da tube. OK?

St Paul in the background, well it is

Awright geeezzaa! We joined over a ‘undred thousand protesters marchin’ against da planned visi’ ov Presiden’ Trump’s proposed visi’ ter England later dis year, and, along wiv dis vibran’ atmosphere ov protesters, voicin’ concerns against a whole array ov prejudices, inequities an’ bigotries, i’ was singin’ an’ chantin’ all da way along Whitechapel Frog an’ Toad ter Downin’ Street. Sorted mate.

a piece of Egypt in London

Awright geeezzaa! Needless ter say, we len’ aaahr loud voices an’ aaahr stompin’ feet ter back up da words we use online awer in private wiv much gusto. Viva fer freedom ov expression. Sorted mate.

Tower Bridge or do you think it’s London Bridge

Lawd above! Get learnin’ some cockney slang on yaaahr next visi’ ter The Smoke an’ I am sure every local’ll buy yew a drink, yew just ‘ave ter find a local, innit.

River Thames

Laters me friends, innit.

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