A frighteningly good time dressing up


Spending time getting dressed up on our travels has not been one of our goals, infact wearing the same clothes throughout the week, washing and re-wearing is something of a habit, so when we were asked by Tina to return to her place in Fort Lauderdale to go with Tina & Tony to a Halloween Party, a fancy dress themed gypsies, thieves and any scarey thing, well hell yes, why not!


Tina and Tony must go to loads of costume parties cos she has boxes of outfits, spoilt for choice, Sharki3 donned a sexy Robin Hood outfit, Prince of Thieves, I ended up as a sexy gypsy lady, whilst Tina and Tony donned John Wayne Bobbit and Lorena Bobbit, for those of you who don’t know, she hacked off his ‘man-device’ some years ago in USA!!


Chatting to other party goers throughout the evening, I could not help myself when people asked about our travels and about our outfits, my first line was we travelled from South Africa that previous day, all the way in this gear, some eyebrows raised, I could not contain myself so told the truth, but one guy then asked me if we had our outfits in our backpacks all the time, yet again I could not contain myself, I will leave you to decide what my reply was……

Halloween in the USA is definitely a great place to be as the kids do come around to the house and ‘trick or treat’ we made them tell jokes for treats of course.

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