Pao de Acucar or Sugar Loaf Mountain


This is one of those posts that does not really matter about the words I use to describe my feelings or the views when we visited Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio. Yet loaded with my trusty iphone 6 camera I managed to get some pretty decent photos. Selecting the right ones for the post is the hardest task as there were just so many.


Sugar Loaf Mountain or Pao de Acucar is about 30 minutes by local bus from Copacabana and fortunately, we had picked one of those days where there weren’t that many tourists around but the weather was great.


From here its directly across from Christ the Redeemer sat high above us across the city, whilst we have the absolutely majestic sights of this jagged coastline and almost heavenly views.


The cable car ride is only 3 minutes and goes up in two stages, with the lower lump of the mountain as the first stop off area.


We checked out the guy who tells his friends that he is a cleaner and works outside, but upon a few more questions he also tells his friends that he rides on top of the cable cars of Sugar Loaf Mountain on a daily basis getting paid to keep the car roof clean, whilst he has to put up with a bit of wind and height, whilst scrubbing. Danger pay, insurance, hmm but what a view!












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