Praias of Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo


My Portuguese Brazilian is never as good as this post title may indicate, ‘The beaches of Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo’ I am just able to name places and my biggest and probably only disappointment in Brazil, is my useless Portuguese. I had been progressing steadily with my Spanish in the rest of South America, but no one here wants to hear me speak Portuguese, well maybe for a laugh. They are not selfish, they quite rightly, just want to improve their English and I have that lame excuse for my total lack of effort in trying or asking my friends to teach me. Sharki3 meanwhile, has been doubling up on her lessons in Spanish and also Portuguese! Way to go Sharki3!


Ivo and Gabi

Cabo Frio, where we stayed during August lies about 2,5 hours north of Rio on the coastline, where the lush white sandy beaches are about a ten-minute stroll from Ivo and Gabi’s house and stretch for about 10 km. They are so lush and soft under your feet it’s like walking on a bed of talcum powder, the sand hills rise up along parts of the beach between the deep clear blue sea and the promenade. The water is cool, but nothing that would stop you from taking a refreshing dip.


Now the beach etiquette for female attire is pretty much not a very conservative one, with most wearing thong-style design bikini bottoms, with some firm bums and others that are somewhat saggier and no one particularly cares. The men wear their speedos regardless of their physique and all are there relaxing, playing and socialising. If you are planning a trip to Brazil and are concerned about having the six-pack physique or any cellulite thighs, no need to worry, cos no one cares, nor do they feel the need to cover up. If you have these wonderful beaches to spend a few hours on, how could anybody with a body less than perfect, ruin such gorgeous settings. It’s not possible so don’t fret head out here you won’t be disappointed.



Rid your mind of such ludicrous thoughts about a less than perfect body and enjoy! However, that does not mean you need to reveal more than you should.


Our friends tell us that summertime gets absolutely crazy with holidaymakers flocking into town from all over Brazil, the roads are blocked, the cafes and restaurants are always booked up, there is no room on the beaches. Perhaps our timing is spot on then, the daily boats to Arraial do Cabo are not quite booked up, but definitely one gets the feeling of being a sardine in a can. March is the ideal time to visit when the weather is hot and the tourists have left. I guess we will just have to return.





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