Dancing between the raindrops



Staying in the Old City of Montevideo, our hostel was across from the Teatro Solis, the main theatre in Uruguay. We discovered, in typical backpacker style, that there was a free tour and then a bonus, they delivered these tours in English as well as Spanish. Amazing  then, that so many Brazilians were visiting the theatre on this cold and wet day and that we were afforded a private English speaking tour.



This beautiful theatre has been the focal point for the people of this fair city for about 150 years and today has an array of opera, plays, musicals, dramas and school productions for all seasons. Quite unbelievable in this day and age to discover that the admission fee for all productions is $5, yes that is FIVE DOLLARS USD.



They could, of course, charge more and I am sure that it would be full to capacity, but that is not their modus operandi, they are all about creating entertainment for the public using the Arts and Drama productions to bring people together and to enjoy themselves and appreciate the fantastic creativity of artistic minds.


This relatively small Old City area, reveals their pride at independence and their history, statues adorning plaza’s and without hiding from the past foreigner powers who ‘visited’ this land it feels like they are each welcoming you into their arms as a nation. The people are so friendly and try out their English with brimming pride whenever they get the chance, whilst we test our Spanish out on their poor eardrums, eagerly waiting for them to correct our pronunciation.


Thanks to Duolingo for getting us out of some embarrassing situations so far.


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