Drivetime across Aotearoa

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Our route through New Zealand took us from Christchurch southwards to Queenstown in our Subaru transfer car $1 a day, then north back to Christchurch in our 8 seater freebie transfer van, north again to Nelson and east to Picton in our Toyota transfer car $1 a day, for the ferry across to the north island where we picked up our Jucy Campervan from Wellington and headed north east to Napier, then continued northwards to Taupo and Rotorua, north again to the Bay of Plenty and Tauranga then west to Matamata and finally north to Auckland to drop off our camper van.


Those of you who know anything about sharki3 and myself will understand how excited we were to hire a campervan for the week in the north island.

It works out to be cheaper than catching a bus around or renting a car and definitely more flexible, anyhow the long and short of it….we checked in to several caravan parks, power for charging, water, kitchens, toilets, showers etc the usual mod cons and even wifi at these places….and we even checked in to a car park by Lake Taupo for the night with toilets closeby at $0.

How cool was our green home for the week, named Jucy Lucy.




She sleeps 4 adults no problem, has her own stove, crockery, cutlery, fridge and flat screen vdu for dvd’s and usb port.


This picture was taken moments after we topped up the fuel in the middle of the middle of nowhere. I was stressed for maybe 45 mins while we drove along this endless road with no petrol to be found and the fuel gauge kept dropping dramatically while Lucy climbed the mountains….a miscalculation, definitely, we could have done without it but the relief when we came across an emergency fuel supply at this cafe in the sticks. They charged us more than double, but what a mighty relief!







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  1. Super cool!!!


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