From cool Coogee to Bondi beachbums


Hopping on a local bus from downtown Sydney we headed to Coogee Beach and a 6km trek along the coastal cliffs to the famed Bondi Beach.


jumping jack flash


jumping jack flash

Coogee, is definitely a great little village beach resort and jumping around in the sand could only have been bettered if the sun had been a few degrees warmer.



daredevil off the cliff

Being passed constantly, in either direction by the fitness freaks as they jog / run / workout I itched to join in and get a sweat on, but these hiking boots are pretty dam good for trekking but running….no way!



surfer dude

Up and down the meandering footpaths, intertwined with the cliff face and idyllic homes we sauntered along, stopping occasionally for some prime time photo opportunities.



commander of the waves

After passing through several bays and coves we arrived at the largest beach…Bondi and to be quite honest I definitely preferred the smaller beaches along the way over this famed surfing paradise….There must have been about 50 surfers in the waves across this bay, just paddling around, waiting for the right ride.

Maybe it’s something about the freedom of riding the wave that grabs you and you are hooked, the nearest I got was about ankle deep, maybe in California or just back home in Cape Town, but for now I will learn the rules and watch Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves do their stuff in Point Break!


too many rules


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