Wine tours from Mclaren Vale to Barossa Region

Living in the region of the Cape Winelands back home in South Africa, it was a welcome reminder experiencing an Australian version of a wine tour, testing out the Mclaren Vale and the Barossa wineries.
These wineries are huge, stretching for miles and miles, with vineyards as far as the eye can see, just enormous estates for the wine sippers all around the world.

The main difference I note is that the vines are much further apart than back home and this is to allow the auto machines to do tbe picking that manual labour does back in the Western Cape, other than that the wine tastes splendid.

I tried as many as was reasonable without falling down and you will note that my partner in crime, not just sharki3 but Dizzy was by my side on every ocassion….what can I say about my kindred spirit.

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  1. love the manicured lawns between the vines


  2. Does it taste like home?


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