Cave dwellers in the deep south


We left Koh Lipe with a two hour boat ride back to the mainland and this time the boat actually made it in two hours, there we met up with one of Naree’s friends who drove us from Satun to Phu Pha Pet Caves for some fun exploring this enormous underground cavern.


This truly amazing exploration deep in the mountains, into some fabulous caves for a few hours, covered in stallagtites and stall mites everywhere, with explosions of rock that had been formed into shapes that reminded me of sea life creatures from prehistoric times, distortions of the cave walls with these enormous rocks and hollowed out plateaus was fantastic to see….unfortunately, as many of you know the iPhone does not take great pictures in the dark, but the memories will last a lifetime or at least until I am too senile to remember.



IMG_8602 IMG_8607

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  1. Looks fantastic 🙂


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