Riding the backstreets on my scooter


Scooters are just the best when it comes to finding your way around a city and it was no different here in Phnom Penh.


Negotiating the $6 per day rental and the nervousness of handing over your passport for the day, then heading off into the streets of the unknown on the opposite side of the road as well. Nothing beats that feeling.


So Sharki3 on board as chief navigator and me with my nerves of steel, thrust off into the streets, we don’t ever really know exact directions, just a general direction.


Negotiating the junctions here in Phnom Penh is a breeze, everyone just glides through each others slipstream, no fists waving, no abuse, no cutting up, no tailgating, not a horn to be heard. Bliss.


There are very few signs, few traffic lights, a couple of roundabouts here and there and its certainly busy, but everyone just seems to flow along with a smile on their face…..all so serene!


I think they see I am a foreigner and know I am not so familiar with their unwritten rules, but that’s it. You can turn left without even bothering to look to the right, they will slow down for you….it took me a while to stop my neck turning that way, it does not seem or feel quite sensible, nevertheless “when in Phnom Penh……”



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