The mouse that roared like a lion


Policeman, Army soldier, Navy Seal then intrepid traveller

In downtown Ban Tong, a small village about 10km outside of Chiang Khong the Center for Learning (sorry about the spelling, it’s not a mistake!) has been set up by the Lions Club International and Lions Club Thailand.

We had received an invite to their official opening ceremony from the founder, after I had met her the previous week, giving her some tips about clothing design and production techniques for her centre.

The local dignitaries and Lions Club Officials descended on this tiny 400 strong village almost outnumbering them, with a small Thai lady with a big heart, PiPudong who runs this new centre (real British English spelling!) for the community that has a high rate of HIV/AIDS infected people.


Nunnaree and Sharki3 supporting the signage

Definitely, an experience to behold watching the suits stand to attention for the Thai national anthem, well that is understandable as everyone does this twice a day across the country, but the funny part was when the Lions Club anthem came on the loudspeaker with the “Lion spirit” rah rah tune…patting on the head and clicking the fingers all being done by Thai’s.

This western rah rah model just does not seem to fit here, where there is so much elegance. But hey who am I to talk about encouraging western approaches on the east…..






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