Long tail river boat


No trip to Bangkok would be complete without a ride on a Chao Phraya long tail river boat. You must navigate your way onto the boat from the floating platform whilst trying desperately to look cool and not fall headlong into the river as you step down into its very narrow and precarious hull. Once seated and castaway into the choppy waters the boat struggles to hold steady until it is aligned in the right streamflow of the river.


Finally, into the tight canals gliding effortlessly, passing houses on both sides, standing on stilts barely remaining upright.

Tylo, deciding that posing for a picture upfront would add nicely to her experience was thinking again when she swayed and rocked and the boat moved in the opposite direction, much to our amusement, very lady like indeed!

Tip for free, just stay seated for the voyage, it is far more comfortable and definitely safer. Alas, vanity wins over comfort and safety this time around.




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