What is in a name??

This is Japanese efficiency at its best. Let’s not waste letters coming up with a new name for our new capital. Let’s use the ones we already have. And so they did, in the ever typical efficient Japanese style, they moved two letters and turned Kyoto into Tokyo.

I love the structure, control and faultless precision with which everything work in Japan. No smoking on the street, no spitting or snorting and little to no eye contact. Bow to an older person and don’t turn your back. The taxi doors only open on the passenger side. For your safety!

The Japanese don’t look like they are rushing anywhere. Not even when hordes of them are crossing the busy Shibuya intersection in four different directions. 
It seems like they are functioning on some internal system that only the Japanese or the privileged few in the inner circle know. But this was too weird for me, I’m a rebel at heart, so I pushed against the subliminal forces and crossed the street with total disregard for the red man.  

Some did stare in total confusion as to why? But a few risked the wrath of whoever, and followed… 

I’m not at all surprised that the Japanese thought they could start and win a war. 

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