Leaving on the Midnight Train to Beijing



Noodles on the go

We ended up catching a train from Xian train station to Beijing about a 12 hour overnight journey in a shared birth with 2 others. Pretty straight forward to book online and collect our tickets in Xian but heightened levels of security exist since the Paris attacks and China is no different on this front with lots of Police presence everywhere. Our 2 fellow travellers were not English speaking and were not travelling together but kept themselves to themselves so we did our thing, ate, kept warm and slept, even sleeping through the snoring of the guy on the bottom bunk to arrive early morning in freezing cold minus 3 Beijing, for our short connections on the subway system to meet our friend Micheal.

We have not seen each other since Tanzania where we were all volunteering together in Arusha…Finally arriving at Beijing South Station we looked around for him in the cold complex at 6:30am only to hear him shouting and screaming at us as he ran or rather I think it was more like a skip of shear joy across the station. The flamboyance had not disappeared from Micheal, it seemed enlarged since we last saw him, if that is possible.

Our week staying with Micheal in Tianjin was about to begin 🙂


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