Stare off

It’s not polite to stare. This is what we are taught as children. In India this seems to be something that is encouraged or at least not discouraged. For most of us who are curious about the human species, staring is something you do inconspicuously from behind lowered eyelids or from the periphery. Here they don’t care if you see them staring and the male species do it the best of all. They stare until you can literally feel the wet spots from their eyeballs on your body. On the Delhi metro it’s up close and personal so I look back with my meanest RBF (resting bitch face). On the street its a bit difficult because you’re moving but if you stop and stare back they quickly get the picture. Or get their picture taken.

I cant get enough of looking


Staring is a daily practise


Fin caught one guy staring from behind and gave him a telling off. He then walked past us, still kept on looking back and nearly knocked himself out against a stationary vehicle. Drama drama! But the staring contest is on.

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  1. Well this question doesn’t have answer..
    Every person stare with the different perspective..


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