A stroll through the streets of Varanasi



Kids from the slums’ school

A stroll is different to a walk. It’s more leisurely and carefree. You can relax and often with no particular goal in mind.


little one’s from our class

So we have been strolling through the streets in Varanasi, returned to our hostel in the evening and joined in the conversations to compare notes with others who have done so much and seen so much. But we have failed to tick off the usual temple visits, the early morning ride on the boats, yoga on the roof.

We have spoken with many, eaten at many different places, negotiated the hawkers on a daily basis, shopped in the bazaars, chilled on the rooftop with our Aussie, French and Indian friends….planned our next leg into Kolkata and China…..and I just love my late night honey, lemon and ginger tea in a glass on the roof.


down by the ghats



doing the books



no photos please….we are green



bengali tola road






wood for the cremations by the holy river



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