Scooter with da hooter

Here are the golden rules for riding a scooter in Pondicherry, not the rest of India:

Golden rule 1: don’t use your indicator it confuses the hell out of everyone else

Golden rule 2: don’t feel like you have to ride on one side of the road, so long as you are going in your direction, its ok.

Golden rule 3; he who beeps the most, is more enlightened beeper

Golden rule 4: if you run out of petrol, never fear  soda bottle of fuel can be bought at any little kiosk

Golden rule 5: if you have a family of four, then no problem they can all be seated comfortably

Golden rule 6: ladies fear not your modesty and sit side-saddle where the wind won’t ruin your hair

Golden rule 7: don’t play chicken with a bus, they don’t know you are there

Golden rule 8: mirrors are handy but only for checking your make-up or hair, otherwise remove them

Golden rule 9: park the scooter exactly where you want to stop no walking necessary, if people or cars can’t get through they will just move your bike outta the way

Golden rule 10: there shall be no other rules, it confuses the other road users

Good luck out there folks!


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  1. I guess drivers license aren’t mandatory…lol


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