Auroville Town


The Matrimandir

Auroville Town, a short ride from Pondicherry is a place people from all over the world come to and live in peace and harmony to try and realise human unity.

It is not a religion, nor a cult or a sect. It is not a place to drink and smoke weed or do drugs, nor is it full of hippies from a generation ago, although some would fit nicely. It really is a special town and quite unique in so many ways.

It was established in 1968 and the central meditation golf shaped ball called The Matrimandir lies at the middle of the town, that was once an arid desert. The Matrimandir took an amazing 37 years to build, due mainly to the complexities of ideas from the community.

Nowadays, volunteers live, stay, visit short or long term, innovating their passions within this community. No one owns any land or buildings, the government passed a special act providing the land with no deeds to all who reside there. The Mother (partner of Sri Aurobindo) conceived the idea for this community based on her life’s work. There are so many cool and amazing innovations that will help other communities around the world that this concept could actually be replicated…surprise, surprise someone is working on this and has funding…just some flaws that need to be redesigned in its organisation.

The people we met and the experiences we had were quite profound, amazing, sometimes amusing but overall fabulously interesting.

If you are interested in volunteering or living or visiting here I am sure you will leave a much wiser person and if you decide to stay longer, well I can understand.


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