The Crazy Gang


Jojo & Sharki3 at Pondy beachfront

One of the joys of travelling is meeting with fellow travellers and India has been exceptional so far with some great characters and good friends….Jojo an Interior Designer from Indonesia was couch surfing and arrived in Pondy about 30 mins before we did. From the moment we met he was a bundle of energy and smiles, cracking jokes and looking at all the strangeness with a grin and a chuckle.


Ghandi looking down on us three in the baking sun


Aman goofing at Zuka Chocolate House

Aman a Graphic Designer from Seattle, USA but born in Delhi is a breath of fresh air. We worked on a website together for a week whilst on some evenings he would play tunes on his ukelele for the kids. His greatest passion is going to the beach, where I have been teaching him how to swim, but when the sun goes down he strips off and goes skinny dipping. Fortunately no pics available….well maybe not on this blog 🙂


Zoe and intothestrange at Backwaters

Zoe a student on gap year from Germany was volunteering with us for a week in Pondy. A great gal full of life and fun and wonderful to be around and in her company. Keen on travelling and trying new things out, we are so fortunate to have met Zoe and the guys.


The man with the inside balls going for a big bite


Gatecrashed by Security Guy and AJ the pharma researcher friend of ours


Ballet lessons on the promenade late evening




I asked for a cray look and this was the best Natesa could come up with

Natesa the founder of Natura Foundations our volunteering organisation in Pondy tried his best to look crazy in this pic, the rest of us really struggled as you can see 🙂


Midhun with his favourite Sharki3

Midhun from Natura Ashram studying for his UDC Exams with brain overload every night.

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  1. Looks like you having so much fun!


  2. Craziest time which is best in my craziest moments!!


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