Dirty hands, clean money


Catherine & Sharki3…..dirty hands, clean money

Catherine started her life as an entrepreneur as a 6 year old selling snacks and by the age of 8 she was selling fruits from home to business women. By the ripe old age of 15 she was the head of the Jaophancy Counselling Club, providing counselling and income generation for the Sanyu Babies Home and a food business selling to builders when she progressed on to selling waste scrap material to businesses. Nowadays this young entrepreneur runs Kingfire Enterprises which recycles waste through their manufacturing process into briquettes for charcoal for heating stoves.


We spent several days with Catherine (or Naava) touring through Kampala, coaching her and listening to her ideas to inspire the Ugandan Youth. Our new friend has certainly got the determination and confidence to make a success of whatever she decides to focus on in her life.



Sharki3 & Naava at Uganda Annual Trade Show



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  1. What an inspiring story…Go Catherine!!


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