Source of the Nile

It’s a must, says everyone who comes here. Go to the source of the Nile!! So I read about it and it’s alleged that the actual source is some feeder river from Burundi or Rwanda.   

Park at source of the Nile


Come to mama

At the park we pay 10000ush (non-resident) each to enter to reach the source. The statue of Gandhi is there as some of his ashes were scattered here and the park has some other interesting creatures. 

Me and Gandhi


Doing a sibling pose just for me


We eventually leave there because the boat prices are so high and we are hooked up with some locals that take us for a third of the price.  


Lake Victoria splash


I choose to believe the local explanation on the source.The river is fed from an underground water source that bubbles into the lake and supplies approximately 60% of the water that feed the White Nile in turn feeding the one ending in Egypt.


I had to get out of the boat to wet my feet in the waters of the source. In the middle of the river is some shops selling crafts. 

Shops on the river

Apparently the ground is exposed at certain times of the day depending on the dam that is down river. This same dam is the reason that the Rippon falls don’t exist anymore! Ho hum I was born a few decades too late for this falls. 

Selfie at the source

I just have to say that Black Dawg was also there, but he was hiding from the big lizard on the island.

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