Body, mind and spirit

Ester is a pillar in the community, my words not hers. She has started a school and teaches little ones with the vision of growing it into a fully fledged primary school. She also has a sewing group where she teaches the young women in the village to sew in order to create an alternative income. She does this totally for free, gratis, mahala!

Posing with the little ones


My little ducklings


We sacrifice our saturday spending time with the sewing group to help encourage them to persevere and dream big. Their challenges are all centered  around family, relationships and community.


Ester translates while I’m on my soapbox


It’s soon clear that there is a lack of self worth and self acceptance; it’s partly due to the cultural practices of women being subordinate and also due to lack of education. So a workshop on the importance of feeding and growing the body, mind and spirit is in order.

Exercise for the body


In their tongue of lusoga they have to confirm their belief that they are worthy. Some physical exercises outside gives everyone a chance to laugh out loud and relax a bit. One fact is clear for everyone; change starts with them.

Sewing and finance skills


They show off their sewing skills in the afternoon and Fin shares about good saving practices and identifying business opportunities in order to provide a sustainable income. All in all a good day was had by all!

A picture for posterity


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