Westgate Mall two years on


I am sure most of you can recall the horrendous scenes from two years ago when terrorists killed and kidnapped innocent people in the leafy downtown suburbs of Westgate a quiet neighbourhood shopping mall here in Nairobi.

Two years later the mall has been refurbished and heightened security is the name of the game at all Nairobi shopping malls these days. Walking through the relatively small pristine shopping area, it was somewhat eerie to imagine how horrifying it must have been for the innocent people caught up in such an act of violence.

intothestrange is certainly not about putting ourselves in harms way, far from it. But certainly, our exploration is to experience life as locals do, amid their many challenges and to experience highs and lows of the human spirit as we spend but a few moments passing through each others lives.

We managed to have a real treat with sunday lunch at Westgate Mall…..it was happy hour:) which translated to one free cocktail…seems like the Kenyans have not lost their sense of humour! Happy Hour indeed!

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