Hakuna matata – no problem…

Last nite at the resort turned into a late one. Crazy girls, Nikkita and Annabelle from Dubai, Linda and little CJ from Kenya and even us, closed the bar at eleven then went on to occupy the place until 2pm. And even later for others who continued till I guess all the drink was finished and still had to catch a flight at 9:30am


Little Alexandra came to say goodbye

A last goodbye to Linda and the kids then off we went. Jumped in a taxi to Stone Town where we explored several nooks and crannies in an attempt to find our Couchsurfing host. Luxury of Chwaka is in the past and it’s back to African shower. 😳 At least there’s running water and a flushing loo. Whoop whoop, it doesn’t take a lot to keep us happy.

View from Rumzi street

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