Zanzibar, home of Sultans and slaves

Okay, it looks like we are taking lots of breaks, but what’s the sense in coming so close and not at least checking what all the fuss is about?

This is where Freddy Mercury was born after all… We had to make the leap across the bay.

For the record, it’s extremely difficult to find accommodation online that fit our meager budget. We had to get some Couchsurfing digs to supplement our stay here. Anyway, I can’t complain because it is beautiful and warm and more than mere imagination can conjure up. The inconspicuous Chwaka Bay Resort we finally found has digs at affordable rates but beware, they have you completely captured here and eating will cost you $15 a head and the price of drinks will for sure turn you into a teetotaler. 


BD keeping a watchful eye on the cocktails

But I did mention that me and Fin are very resourceful and found a place that has happy hour all day long. 🍹🍹In the process we also made some new friends, all the way from(you guessed it) sunny South Africa!! Lovely newly wedded Arouna and Werner staying at Ngawala resort, was trying to play a game of Mancala(the name of which I just googled) when we stumbled past and made introduction. Stumbling because of the wind, not the amount of cocktails we consumed. 😳

Back to Chwaka Bay Resort; it’s lovely and situated in the village of Chwaka which is no hip and happening place, but has a university and interesting locals who is very adapt at selling their stuff. Wasted efforts with us having zero spends. We got a free tour of the village in the process of being tapped up though and some little ones wanted desperately to take ownership of Black Dawg! 😳😳 


BD relaxing

Okay, I have to skip out now and take a rest. All this lying about is very tiring.😴😴  

Taking a break at the pool

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  1. Looks and sounds great. Wish I was with you! xxx


  2. Thank you for making us believe in our dreams again!


    • Hi Arouna, it was so great to meet both of u, shame it was your last nite! Anyhow everything for a reason….looking forward to reading your life stories and meeting up one day in the future! Say hello to Werner from us please….ciao


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