Do the locomotive with me

After all the drama of trying to buy tickets out of Zambia, it turns out not too difficult to depart. Our bus company, Power Tools, (yes that’s the name) accepts our online bookings and leaves only 15 minutes late. 

Getting on the bus proved much more challenging as you are hassled from the moment you arrive by someone trying to sell you one thing or another. The bus ride to Kapiri is uneventful and we get there 3 hrs later. The mainroad has a Pep, Shoprite and a bank, I think. We walk to Shoprite for supplies; water, bread and cheese, some nibbles and some beer. Oh and a toilet roll, just in case. 

Taxi to the station sets us back 20 kwacha and we arrive at New Kapiri Mposhi station, that is not new at all; was build in the 70’s by the Chinese and Zambian governments. 

Tickets paid for and now we wait with the rest of the mere mortals wanting to travel “abroad”. 

The station looks better from the outside than the dilapidated state it actually is in and the toilets scream hept A,B,C,D and whatever else you can pick up just by being in the vicinity. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Ever brave Fin had to go witness for himself and came back decidedly green around the gills. 🙈

Some three hours later we board and find our “luxurious” compartment; no power, windows don’t open and the door can’t lock. Par for the course, I suppose. We receive two blankets, two pillows, two sheets, toilet paper and four bottles of water. The attendants are friendly and helpful and keep the carriage as clean as reasonably possible. Using the trains bathroom facilities has to be taken under serious advisement. Enough said!!


All aboard , lets go to Dar Es Salaam

Here’s hoping for a smooth and uneventful ride…

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