Lusaka, the inbetweener 

So we get to Lusaka after waiting half a day for a bus. Getting off the bus in Lusaka, you’re bombarded by offers of taxi rides and hundreds of people milling around. Then a fifteen minute walk, which was actually a 45 minute walk to Paseli hostel. But after two weeks of rural living, we were just glad to get to somewhere with basic amenities that we didn’t mind any of these inconveniences. But there was a scary moment when we got to the hostel to hear there’s power outages and water shortages. But like a good business they put us up somewhere that could meet our meager needs. We only had to wait a few hours for the power to be on, but we spent some time resting our weary bodies on a proper bed…heaven!


Our reward

Lusaka is a very busy city with traffic jams every single day we’ve been here. It’s like being at home. The young set is dressed up on Friday night and spending the evening at the nearby KEG & Lion. I look with longing at the high heels and disgust at my own dusty tekkies. I bet these people have no idea about places like Munenga Village.

A nice quiet neighborhood where the hostel resides, is surrounded by at least four malls in a 3 km radius. All our favorite shops and good eating places… But now we can’t do the food any justice. 


East Park Mall at night

But alas, we’ll spend the few days planning our next endeavor and soaking up the Lusaka culture. 

Natwange BnB

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  1. Hi guys. Love reading you stories – amazing. Glad all going well so far. cheers David


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