Mazabuka Town…

But first let me start by saying, I’m blogging while sitting in an open field trying to find a signal… Desperate times and all that.


Searching for a signal

This is where our first volunteer work starts. The school we are helping is actually in a little village thirty something kilometers outside of Mazabuka towards Livingstone, but that’s a story for another blog.Let me be clear about Mazabuka…there is nothing here!

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, because there is a Shoprite(grocers), some general dealers (aka spaza shops) and a Debonairs pizza. Oh and a Pepstores! Besides these, there is nothing but a lot of dust, some roadworks and of course Zambia sugar which is the main employer. Some may call it Godforsaken, but it’s not true because God gave them sugar.

And lots of it. Sugarcane grow in green sheets for miles as you approach Mazabuka and you wonder how a road that has been so dry and dreary could turn into such a green spectacle within a matter or 400 kilometers. But once that wonder is past its just more nothing. The bus stops at a “bus station” that is just a dirt road. Somewhere down this same dirt road, is a little rickety hokkie/stand where you can buy a bus ticket to go to any of the next towns, including Lusaka.


Popular bus company

We spent a day, okay half a day, in Mazabuka to get some basic supplies and you could really run circles around that town in an hour…yeah even me! The taxi that took us left at 7am and was due to return at 15:30. By 12pm I was done with Mazabuka town, thoroughly fed up and about to slit my wrists with a plastic spoon that I wanted to wrestle from some unsuspecting worker while he was enjoying his lunch. 🙈

Anyway, now you know about Mazabuka! Not for the faint hearted. Go there at your own peril…😳

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