Gautrain…a contradiction in South Africa


I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people on the Gautrain back when it opened and very few people ventured onto this transport back then…..nowadays I can tell you it is thriving, clean, ontime and relaxing…rather curious in South Africa where most services are late, broken, untidy and stressful….be that as it may we headed to Pretoria to stay with Salomon and Estelle at their “country retreat” old friends and work colleagues of mine.

Estelle told me not to talk about food n stuff in my blogs as it will be boring….I never contemplated how entertaining my blogs would be or lacking in any interest from our followers. So just to swim against Estelle as she would not expect any different from me, great dinner and wine, coffee was ok 🙂 but company was fab….!!! Even if Salomon and I  did remap the world of business inside of 3 hours….thanks guys for hosting us and great to catch up!



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