Chinese Visa


This visa application was probably the most streamlined and efficient process of the non-online visas we applied for.

Set in the tranquil surroundings of Kirstenbosch Gardens is the consular service, where we parked by the roadside, walked through the garden, signed in security, no queues, one desk for applications where the assistant asked one question about our itinerary and did not utter another word until he gave us a receipt 3 minutes later and said “come back Thursday morning” (3 minutes!!!).

So 4 days later we returned and Sharki3 smiled at me and said “it isn’t going to take 3 minutes to collect today!”….how wrong she was….Collections had no queue and the lady took our payment receipt and handed us our passports back with approved visas, multiple entry….It took less than 1 minute!

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  1. Go China! How intriguing. I think they will go on my bucket list


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