Todo List Part One…

Here goes on the master list for our rtw planning with several key categories:

  • House
  • Financial
  • Health & Fitness
  • Business
  • Spiritual
  • Family & Friends


  1. we decided to rent our house out to friends rather than sell or leave locked up, we can trust them and it works fine for both parties as they will use the extra space
  2. bricked the pathways that have been down since Roman times by the looks of them
  3. sold off our accumulated mass of electronic devices and dvd’s….i had to re-calibrate myself when selling dvds for a fraction of the price i paid for those classics! The hardest to let go was my Star Wars collection…..Ony Fools and Horses, James Bond, Sex in the City & Friends collections are still safe
  4. Traded my truck in for a nice compact runaround for our daughter so she is mobile…ola sharkie (nickname of the new car)
  5. Updating all the financial related stuff is by far the most time consuming and we are reasonably well organised…oh how great it is making changes to do with finances!
  6. We had to cancel our local gym membership and figure out an exercise routine that we can do on the go….
  7. Running a successful business practice for a number of years meant we had to hand over the reins to one of our team as we move in a different direction, or at least a tangent to where we were…we are sure the team will continue doing a great job
  8. Probably top priority, well not probably, it is top, is making sure our daughter is financially stable whilst we are away. She is at residence in 2nd year at University and family support is close by. We are going to miss that one for sure, and hoping she comes and visits us at year end, maybe Japan, fingers crossed.
  9. We informed our priest at church so he could bless us for our trip and that wasn’t an easy conversation as we will miss each other and he will be concerned about us in a much more diverse and widespread field. We truly believe our spiritual strength enables us to take on such an adventure. Amen
  10. Our friends looked at us with blank stares and in some cases were in denial (you know who) when we told them, but they know what we are like and how determined we are to achieve our goals…now to have some final times together before depart, maybe some wine and cocktails may flow over this period…..glug..glug..
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