Goodbye Botswana 💋

Goodbye Botswana, but hopefully not for ever. What can I say about this country that so surprised me… I found it raw, arid, fresh, pure and all round fascinitating. This country is surprising and the people even more so. It shouldn’t be a suprise that people are so real and unassuming, but in this society where we are bombarded with selfishness and the ever annoying need for short term gratification it’s just nice that people are coexisting without prejudice.


The sun rises over the Chobe planes

I’m not much of a naturalist, i.e. I prefer the city, but I think the untouched nature of Botswana is what attracts people to it; what has made me in awe of it. To say this country has potential is just wrong. It is rich, already bursting with its full potential and does not need concrete and metal structures to show what it’s made of.


Shooting the breeze; Kameelperd met jou lang nek…

Botswana may you be adored and provide us mere mortals an opportunity to be enveloped in your innocent and pure embrace. Stay true to yourself and your people until we meet again!

I hate to leave but I have to go

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